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Join me on The Long Way

Resist the default settings of life.
Join me on The Long Way

For some time now I’ve been building notes on some themes I’ve come to think are worth serious time and attention. My desire to engage and interact with these ideas has only grown over that time.

While I’m sure I’ll eventually write about why I’ve felt reluctant to launch this project, for now I can say that one of my main excuses for inaction was the lack of a name for the project that I liked. But I don’t have that excuse anymore.

This is The Long Way, a project that explores the cultivation of practical wisdom and the craft of vocation in pursuit of goods that don’t come quickly. The Long Way resists the default settings in life in order to build something better.

For reasons I’ll probably explain later, much of what I write here will be accessible only to Members. But, a basic Membership is free. So, to get started, I cordially invite you to join me on the long way — because the long way is worth taking.